Police Services

The Moosomin Detachment is home to six members as well as a public servant. The detachment area spreads from the Manitoba border to Burrows and about 40km north and south of the #1 highway.

Built in the mid-1960's, the building at one time had living quarters for the non-comissioned officer as well as single members. Now the building holds two cell blocks, a two-car garage and office space. The upstairs living quarters are now a locker room and weight room for the members stationed here. The brick building blends in well with the residential neighborhood where it is located.

Fire Department

The Moosomin Fire Department is made up of eighteen to twenty local volunteers.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Rob Hanson.

Parkland Victims Services Inc.

Moosomin RCMP Detachment
1102 Carleton Street Moosomin,
SK S0G 3N0
(306) 435-2805 or (306) 786-2408 (Yorkton)