Curbside Recylcing

Loraas Disposal and the Town of Moosomin are pleased to announce the start of residential curbside recycling.

Recycling Schedule

Park the cart for pickup by 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection. Ensure that cart is 1 metre (3 feet) clear of all obstacles and not blocking traffic. If there is aq snow bank built up along the cub, make sure the container is our further than the snow.

To Download the Recycling Schedule for 2017 - Click Here

Route A
Both sides of Broadway Avenue and homes to the NORTH of Broadway Avenue

December 2015: December 14, 28

Route B
All homes SOUTH of Broadway Avenue

December 2015: December 7, 21

General Guidlines

Use your recycle cart for the storage and collection of approved recyclables only.
1. Do not bag or tie your recycIables.
2. Do not pack material too tightly..
3. Wheel out your cart with its lid closed. You must be able to close the lid without packing the cart too tightly, otherwise the emptying of the cart will be more difficult.
4. Place the cart roadside by 7:00 a.m. on collection day.
5. Your recycling collection day won’t change, but the collection time might, so please be Sure to have your cart out by 7:00 am. on your collection day.
6. Return the emptied cart to your property before the end of the day.
7. Do not remove the cart from its assigned address.
8. Inform Loraas Disposal of any damage, vandalism or theft of the cart. It is important to note the serial number stamped on the cart placed at your residence.
Only place items that are designated as approved recyclables within the recycle cart. Carts will be monitored and unacceptable items will be left curbside, oryour cart will be rejected for collection.

What is Single Stream Recycling?

Single stream recycling is a system in which households receive one 95 gallon recycle cart in which all approved household recyclables can be placed. These carts provide lots of capacity and an easy closing lid to prevent windblown litter.

Do we need to bag the recyclables before placing them in the cart?

No, please DO NOT BAG or TIE your recyclables before depositing them into the cart. Bagged or tied materials may be left curbside due to the additional expense that debagging requires.

How should I prepare my recyclables for collection?

Flatten all cardboard boxes. Wash and rinse all food and beverage containers. Remove all lids and caps from containers.

Can we place glass, organic material or other material in the carts?

No other materials can be accepted until such time that local recycling processors can efficiently process other
recyclable materials. Materials not accepted in our program will not be collected and your cart may not be emptied until the offending materials are removed.

What should we do if we have more recyclables that can fit in the cart?

Extra recyclables should be kept for your next scheduled pickup. Should you regularly have more material than
your carts capacity, please contact Loraas Disposal to arrange for an additional cart.

My normal regular pick up falls on a statutory holiday do I still put out my cart?

Loraas Disposal collects on all statutory holidays except New Years Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day. Please
check your collection calendar for your scheduled pick up days including holidays.

About Single Stream Curbside Recycling (PDF File)

What to Recycle (PDF File)