Moosomin Bucks

Moosomin Bucks are a way to reward your customers and your employees, and keep the benefits local.

You can purchase Moosomin Bucks from the Chamber of Commerce, provide them as a giveaway or prize for customers, or provide them as a bonus for employees.

Moosomin Bucks can then be used at any local business.

The business accepting Moosomin Bucks simply returns them to the Chamber of Commerce, and is reimbursed with a cheque from the Chamber of Commerce.

When you give out Moosomin Bucks, you can be assured that the money will be spent locally!

Moosomin Bucks are available in $20, $50 and $100 denominations

To purchase Moosomin Bucks, contact Janelle Davidson at or Kevin Weedmark at