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Minor Hockey

Over 175 kids registered for Minor Hockey this year, a number not seen since the mid '90s! This season the Minor Hockey Association has a full range of teams which includes:

• Moosomin U18 Rangers (formerly Midget)

• Moosomin U15 Rangers (formerly Bantam)

• Moosomin U13 Rangers (formerly Pee Wee)

• Moosomin U11 Rangers (formerly Artom)

• Moosomin U11 Atom Ice Badgers

• Moosomin U9 Rangers (formerly Novice)

• Moosomin U7 Rangers (formerly Squirt)

• Moosomin U5 Rangers (formerly Snowflake)

• Moosomin River Hockey (all ages)

For further information on the Minor Hockey Association Registration and programs please contact Association President Kristjan Hebert

Moosomin Skating Club

More information coming soon!

Recreation Hockey

As popular as Minor Hockey is in Moosomin, the old boys enjoy the game just as much as our community. We have 3 teams/organizations in town. If you are new to town and are looking for a team to play on here is a little info on each team that may help you decide.


Moosomin Untouchables
Contact Aaron Lantz


Moosomin Maple Leafs
Contact Dale Nixon


Moosomin Moose
Contact Jory Schwean


Feel free to contact any of these people should you be looking for a team, or if you have any questions just call the Rec. Office. All of these teams have very little concern for hockey talent. They all understand the competitive days are in the sunset and they are all looking to have some fun, a little exercise and a night out of the house. All three teams would welcome additional players so don't be scared to phone!

Mike Schwean Arena

Mike Schwean Arena

Mike Schwean Arena

Mike Schwean Arena

Mike Schwean Arena